With the paralle method, your left and right eyes will see the images on the left and right side, respectively. (Each image cannot be bigger than just a few inches on the screen. The cross-eye method is better for seeing bigger images.)
  1. Resize this window until the width of the window is 5 inches or so on the screen. (The width of one of the images should be the same as the distance between your eyes.)
  2. Move your head very close to the monitor (your nose should almost touch the screen) so that your eyes will be right in front of each image.
  3. Don't try to focus on the image yet. Relax your eyes as if you are looking at something in the distance.
  4. After a while, you start to see a blurred image of the building. Then start moving your head away from the monitor very, very slowly. Keep your head directly in front of the monitor.
  5. When your eyes are at a normal distance from the monitor, try to focus on the image very slowly.
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