With the cross-eye method, your right and left eyes will see the images on the left and right side, respectively.
  1. Maximize this window.
  2. Sit directly in front of the monitor (normal distance) and straighten your head! (important)
  3. Put out your finger about 10 inches away from your eyes in front of the two images.
  4. Stare at your fingertip for a while.
  5. While still focusing on your finger, move your attention to the monitor. You will notice you see 3 or 4 blurred images of the building behind your finger.
  6. Move your finger closer to or away from your eyes slowly until you see 3 images. (Two of the four images overlap.)
  7. Now, without moving your eyes or finger, try to focus on the overlapped image in the center very, very slowly. If the overlapped image starts to move apart, focus again on the finger and start over.
  8. Put down your finger and say "Wow!"
Close this window to go back.