About Komei

My name is Komei Harada. I'm a video game programmer and I've been involved in the development of PC and console games (Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo) for the last 10 years.

I'm originally from Tokyo and I've been in the Bay Area since 1995. My wife is also from Tokyo and she moved here in 1998 when we got married. She is an English-Japanese conference interpreter. We have no kids or pets. We have too many gadgets and computers to take care of already ;) Wine is our common interest. We live in Fremont.

Our Newsletter shows what we have been up to for the past year (and before).

Since I'm often asked about Japana and Japanese, I created a Japanese FAQ page. I like studying foreign languages myself so I will answer any question you may have about Japanese with pleasure. I studied French, Spanish, Mandarin, German and sign languages (JSL and ASL) but I remember so little in any one of them. I think I like studying the language the way physicists like studying atoms and quarks?

I'm known as the "de facto" official photographer at my previous companies. That doesn't mean I'm good, but I like taking a lot of photos. In addition to ordinary digital photography, I enjoy experimenting with imaging technologies such as panorama, stereo 3D and HDR.

One time, I created a giant (functioning) digital camera suit for Halloween and won the costume contest. Actually, I won the first prize with that same costume at 3DO, at Crystal Dynamics, and also on Engadget thanks to a colleague who urged me to apply.

Another thing that seems to remind my friends of me is the Smart Car I bought in 2008. I love it. I get like 37 miles per gallon. It still turns many heads and I'm often asked about the car at gas stations :)

Besides that, I'm interested in all the gadgets, toys and other techy, geeky stuff. If any of these random keywords triggers your passion, let me know:
iPhone, Palm Pre/Treo, Nikon, Ubuntu/MythTV, ST TOS/TNG, Gizmag, TED, ThinkGeek, xkcd, BMW, trains, X10, F-35 Lightning, ...
I don't claim to be an expert on any of them but I'm mildly fond of them.