Japan Travel Guide

Many of my friends have been to Japan and they seem to have seen much more of Japan than I have :O There are so many travel guid on the Internet, so I will stick to the essentials.

Best time to visit

Warm and nice. March is the cherry blossom season (see below). Can be pricey.
Rainy season
It rains on most days in June.
July and August are hot! Think of the East Coast summer (32C/90F daytime) like New York City, but the humidity is much higher. It's muggy and it doesn't cool down during the night.
Visit Kyoto to see leaves changing colors in November.
Again like NYC, winter is cold (0C/32F low) especially when it's windy. Snow is rare but possible. The city (indoor) is warm but temples in Kyoto can be brutally cold.

Cherry Blossom Front

The Japanese cherry blossom flowers bloom and fall within one week. The dates are slightly different every year. They start in the southwest of Japan in mid-March and sweep through the main islands northbound taking about a month. This wave of cherry blossom blooming is called Cherry Blossom Front. Every year, Japan Meterological Agency announces the forecast for the year, which will be available on sites like Japan-Guide.com

The dates of the actual blooming can be still different from the forecast. If you arrive too early or too late, you can always hop on the bullet train and "chase" the cherry blossom.

Places to visit

If you are interested in technology or Japanese pop culture, this article would be your best guide to plan your trip to Tokyo:

Other places around Tokyo are:

Places to eat at

Here is an English version of one of the popular restaurant search sites: GuruNavi (the name comes from "Gourmet Navigation")