International Pinot Noir Celebration

In July 2003, Risa and I attended IPNC that took place in Willamette Valley (1.5 hour drive from Portland) in Oregon. It is an event where Pinot Noir winemakers from all over the world get together and hundreds of people attend to taste their wines. Risa and I were certainly looking forward to tasting good Pinot Noirs but we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food. Every meal was like a full-course menu at a four-star restaurant.

We liked the whole event so much that we went back to Oregon in July 2004. We also couldn't miss "Pairing Pinot Noir with Japanese Cuisine" by renowned Chef Odajima. What was different this year was the extraordinary heat. Due to the 100+ degree temperature, the outdoor luncheon was moved to indoors.

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  • IPNC 2004
    Our IPNC 2004 Oregon Trip (45 photos)
    IPNC 2004 Events (74 photos)
    For Chef Odajima (34 photos)
    Winemakers, Chefs, Maitres d'Hotel and Volunteers (48 photos)
    People we met (28 photos)
    Opening Ceremony (scrolling panorama)
    Pairing Pinot Noir with Japanese Cuisine (scrolling panorama)
    Alfresco Tasting (scrolling panorama)
    Domaine Drouhin (360-degree QuickTime VR)
    Domaine Drouhin (360-degree scrolling panorama) (*)
    Salmon Bake (scrolling panorama)
    Anne Amie Vineyards (360-degree scrolling panorama)
    Anne Amie Vineyards (360-degree QuickTime VR)
      IPNC 2003
    Our IPNC 2003 Oregon Trip (45 photos)
    IPNC 2003 Events (76 photos)
    People we met (50 photos)
    Opening Luncheon (360-degree QuickTime VR)
    Opening Luncheon (360-degree scrolling panorama)(*)

    (*) = Large-size version of the scrolling image above

    IPNC Websites
    IPNC Official Home Page (
    IPNC 2003 Photos by Jean Yates, Avalon Wine
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