San Francisco

There is so much information on the Web already that I don't have much to contribute. This page is like a reminder to myself of the places I have been to.

Steepest slopes in San Francisco
The steepest slope in San Francisco is two blocks south of the famous "Crookedest Street in the World" of Lombard Street. It is on Filbert Street (eastbound one-way) between Hyde and Leavenworth Streets (map). A few blocks away from there, Jones Street (southbound one-way) has the 3rd steepest slope (between Filbert and Union Streets) and the 5th steepest slope (between Union and Green Streets). So, if you go in a circle on Filbert - Jones - Green - Hyde - Filbert ... you will have a lot of fun.
Treasure Island
You can see the great view of San Francisco across water (like the postcards) from Treasure Island. Plus, you get to drive on the Bay Bridge without paying the toll if you just go there and come back :-). Get on the Bay Bridge heading for Oakland and stay on the *left-most* lane. After you get off at the Treasure Island exit, watch your speed! (25 mph limit). The police are often doing an ambush. (As you can guess... yes, I was once stopped there once.)
The 49-Mile Scenic Drive
If you can't think of any specific places you want to go and if you are driving and have one day to spend in sightseeing, I recommend the 49-Mile Scenic Drive. It covers most of the touristic sites of San Francisco. The route is marked by the blue and white signs on the street. But there were not many maps that show this route last time I looked for them. Gousha's FAST MAP (a laminated compact map) is the only one I found.